Each Lab OS® module is designed to fulfill a single purpose - combined they fullfill the requirements of your application.

The "Big Lab OS® Picture"


Application Fields


Lab OS® modules are active in all application fields: Sample Handling in the lab, Management of sample data and Interconnection to other sites or even internal systems.
Lab OS® is able to manage sample related process and documentation tasks in and around a sample repository. The modules can by assembled according to your needs. The supported range of applications is from a "simple" single sample repository with low sample throughput up to connected systems with several databases, web connectivity, integration of sample handling and automation devices and monitoring capabilities. We have powerful hardware related partners and inhouse software engineering skills, to assemble and at the end customize Lab OS® for your application.



Lab OS® provides a multi-users/multi-site laboratory data management system to an attractive entry level price without missing essential features. Lab OS is a modular scalable system with both Client-Server Access and browser-based access depending on the functionality. It provides high connectivity to instruments and other systems. As one of the few systems on the market Lab OS® provides all the functionality under regulatory requirements.

Multi-Layer Architecture

Lab OS® has a multi-layer architecture consisting
  • a database server at the core,

  • different server to access the instruments or other systems and to provide the data to

  • native clients and where necessary and sensible

  • browser-based clients

Database Server

Lab OS® recommends the use of Microsoft SQL Server as database management system. The main database contains all the sample based data. Other connected databases for usermanagement and workflow management.



Lab OS® contains a comprehensive reporting mechanism, providing (electronical signed) PDF reports in all parts of the system. An Audit trail is maintained and available for every action on the data.


Lab OS® is an ID based system and therefore supports almost every barcode scanner (HID) or RFID Scanner (125kHz/13,86MHz). 2D Rack scanner are supported and fully integrated by different manufacturer. Barcode printing is possible with every Printer providing a printer driver for the Windows system. The Barcode lables (formats/types) can be easily configured for the system.

External Systems and Instruments

Lab OS®abstracts external data systems (LIS, HIS, other database..) as well as Instruments in an internal communication layer. Data Integration is possible as long as the others provide interfaces. Lab OS® itself provides a high level web services based interface.


Lab OS® documents your processes to fulfill many regulatory requirements from pharma, IVD or medical devices. It has developed according quality standards like ISO 13485, ISO 62304 or IEC 62366. soventec is a ISO 13485 certified company and therefore the documentation and our processes can easily be adopted to yours.

System requirements


Lab OS® is a Microsoft Windows and SQL Server based system. Clients can also be Browser. The requirements depend on your special needs like estimated number of samples, users, concurrent users.

Lab OS® is highly scalable. Therefore, the "start" can be on a normal office PC. Later more powerful systems like Database Servers may me needed. We can consult you in this field.

Network configurations

Lab OS®Lab OS can be configured to run in many different szenarios, from a single PC solution, over intra net networks up to multi-site use via VPN or partly internet. It depends on your needs. Please ask for a concrete plan for your needs.



  • Varification/Validation/Installation Reports, Change management
  • by service level agreement
  • by qualified personnel, including know how in regulatory requirements
  • by our developers. Software customizing, hardware integration
  • possible e.g. by (escrow) agreements

These are the Lab OS® features only in an overview. Please have a look at the single modules!



Getting the right starting point

Lab OS® is flexible and configurable to your needs. Choosing the right starting edition will help you start faster. It depends on many factors: the size of project, the need to use SOPs and quality docs, the need to integrate hardware components...

We can help you!

How long does it take to get started?

In general a simple installation is done in a day. With some additional starting trainings you can try to start the same days. Of course additional adaption to your process in not done within hours.

Do I have to validate my system?

In general yes, if you are working in regulatory field. You have to validate the system with your process conditions/environments. But Lab OS is designed according ISO 13485/FDA 21 CFR 820, i.e. we can provide all the documents you need to validate it. soventec has much experience in this field and can help you to go live fast and safe.

Can I integrate my lab device?

Yes, as long as there is a possibility to access the data via an supplier defined interface.

Is it possible to get a demo

Yes, we can give you a online or on-site live presentation. Temporary test licenses are also available.



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